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As Seen on E! Entertainment Television

Click play, below, to view a taping of author/entrepreneur Angela O'Mara's appearance on E! Television's popular series, "That Morning Show!"
(Air date: 11/3/2009)

As Seen in Print!

3/8/2010 Edition: Manchester Evening News

Click here to view an article entitled "From Little Hulton... to the American dream" by Paul Taylor from the 3/8/2010 edition of Manchester Evening News and featuring Angela O'Mara.

12/15/2009 Edition: Newbie's Online Magazine

Click here to download a pdf excerpt from the December 15, 2009 edition of Newbie's Online Magazine featuring an article entitled "Meet Angela O'Mara: Newbie's Magazine Chats With Angela O'Mara."

As Heard on The Radio!

7/14/2010: "The Chris Treece Show" with Chris Treece

Listen as Angela O'Mara speaks with Chris Treece, host of "The Hottest Show On The Internet"
(Air Date: 7/14/2010)

6/18/2010: "Your Partner in Success Radio Show" with Denise Griffitts

Listen as Angela O'Mara is welcomed by Denise Griffits, host of "Your Partner in Succss Radio Show." Topics covered include the importance of being bold, taking a leap of faith in your business and being realistic with your available resources.
(Air Date: 6/18/2010)

5/20/2010: "Women At The Top" with Regina Barr

Listen as Angela O'Mara speaks with Regina Barr, who states, "If you are struggling to hang on during today’s challenging business environment, then this book is for you."
(Air Date: 5/20/2010)

3/10/2010: "BBC Radio Manchester" with Heather Stott

Listen to Angela O'Mara on BBC Radio with host Heather Stott!
(Air Date: 3/10/2010)

12/2/2009: "Empowering You Radio" with Robin Hardy

Listen to host Robin Hardy chat with authors Angela O'Mara and Carol Grace Anderson about the "how to" for 2010.
(Air Date: 12/2/2009)

11/18/2009: The ProfBrendi Show on LA Talk Radio

Listen: With host ProfBrendi: PR CEO of The Professional Image, Inc. & author of "Lipstick. Laptops. Life.", Angela O'Mara, details the process of re-structuring her company to once again be a successful business.
(Air Date: 11/18/2009)

10/19/2009: "The Health and Beauty Revolution" with Patty Kovacs

Follow the links , below, to listen to Angela O'Mara's inteview on "The Health and Beauty Revolution" with host Patty Kovacs on
(Air date: 10/19/2009)

Part One: Listen: "Patty asks Angela to share her intent in writing this (outstanding) book."

Part Two: Listen as Angela O’Mara shares "the 7 savvy ladies" who reside in the heart of every woman and in her book.

As Found on The Web!

7/16/2010: Talk Radio Podcasts from "blogtalkradio"

Follow this link to search for Angela O'Mara interviews and podcasts at blogtalkradio. Several are currently available.

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